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It's a beautiful world out there. Start riding through it!

Transportation bikes make daily commutes come alive by connecting you to the outside world. Get out there and have some fun!

Making maintenance a breeze

The Beltway is ideal for the uber-commuter looking for a bike that is as dedicated as they are for trouble-free riding on a daily basis. 

Giving you the freedom to ride

Liberty models offer a wide variety of features for fitness or commuting, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect bike for your riding needs. 

The classic town bike with modern features

For riders who appreciate a city bike with timelessly-classic looks combined with modern functionality the Downtown series is the perfect choice. 

Urban bikes designed for making bad roads fun

Made to transform the obstacles of inner-city riding into your personal playground, the Midtown series combines mountain-bike durability with city-bike speed. 

Commuting has never been so comfortable

Designed to carry your cargo and get you there in comfort, all Uptown models come with racks, fenders, kickstand and a bell. Versatility at its best! 

Adventure-ready bikes that blend function AND form

The Radar Café & Doppler Café are rugged-enough for country trails but are equipped with swept-back handlebars and accessories for everyday riding in the city.