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Philadelphia-based illustrator Alex Kipphut re-imagined the Breezer lineup into whimsical drawings that speak to the spirit of everyday adventure. He created three unique designs to embody our adventure bikes, electric bikes, and transportation bikes.

Adventure Bikes
Wind in her hair and miles of road ahead - the spirit of adventure. The young woman in Alex's adventure illustration is exploring the roads of Marin, California, is the hometown of Joe Breeze, her Inversion is designed to take her off the beaten path and help her venture as long as her heart desires.

Electric Bikes Adventure doesn't have to be exploring the wilderness, for this businessman it is the commute home on his Powerwolf EVO! His electric bike allows him to take in the small things on his journey like the birds chirping and the fresh air as he looks forward to his evening.

Transportation Bikes Alex perfectly encapsulated the joy that is Breezer transportation bikes. Our transportation bikes are designed to make your life easier, and more fun! The features of the Downtown EX stand out in this illustration with the dynamo headlight lighting the way for this evening cruise and the rear rack allowing him to take some of his favorite beverages to-go.

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